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Le auto del deserto [EN]

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A cura di @GiMa.

Avete mai pensato quali auto si usano piu spesso nel deserto del Sahara? Joey Huddleston tenta di trovare una risposta su Jalopnik in un lungo articolo pieno di fotografie .

Moreover, for a car to be worth the high price of import, it has to be reparable with simple tools: minimal electronic parts, no fancy computerized systems. All cars break down repeatedly in this environment, and durability is defined not only by how often they break, but also how readily they can be repaired.

This has led to an interesting market, in which Saharawis value little about a car besides its price and its ability to go and go in the dry, scabrous terrain. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, and it doesn’t matter if the windows roll up and down or if the radio plays. What matters is that it works, and that if it breaks, it can be fixed roadside, with the tools available.

Immagine da Wikimedia.

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