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L’insulto “gorilla” rivolto ad un calciatore africano getta luce sul razzismo verso i neri in Asia meridionale [EN]

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La giornalista Sharan Dhaliwal approfitta di un episodio in cui una attrice indiana ha fatto un Tweet razzista su un calciatore africano per ricordare come sia diffuso nel subcontinente indiano il razzismo verso i neri africani e come questo dipenda dall’educazione ricevuta nei primi anni di vita dalle famiglie di provenienza.

The ongoing caste and colourism issue in Indian culture exacerbates racism towards black people. Those at the bottom of the caste system, Dalits, tend to be of darker skin – and so connections are made with race stereotypes. A few of us in the UK were introduced to the idea of skin-lightening creams from as young as 12 (I wasn’t because I was apparently “light-skinned enough to get married”)…

A few friends at my school with darker skin didn’t have the privilege of my skin tone, and would come to school with burns from bleaching creams. The biggest-selling skin-whitening cream in India, Fair and Lovely, is promoted regularly by Bollywood actors, who essentially tell us that we won’t get jobs or men unless we lighten our skin.

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