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Online la straordinaria biografia di Omar Ibn Said, musulmano in schiavitù

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Atlas Obscura riporta che la Biblioteca del Congresso ha digitalizzato “The Life of Omar Ibn Said” di Omar ibn Said e le opere ad essa collegate, rendendole disponibili in Arabo e Inglese:

Omar ibn Said was too old and frail to endure the backbreaking field labor his master forced upon him, so he escaped. He feebly made his way into a church where he could find shelter and a moment to pray about the plight of his situation. When he was arrested soon thereafter, it unexpectedly changed his life for the better.

We know these things because Said wrote about them in his 15-page autobiography, The Life of Omar Ibn Said, written in Arabic while he was enslaved in 1831. The text is considered the most well-known account of a Muslim slave living in America. Now the original manuscript, along with 41 other documents including personal writings and letters, have been restored, digitized, and made available online by the Library of Congress.


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