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Riflessioni sull’Antartide [EN]

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Un articolo del New York Times  (link alternativo) racconta la corsa di Colin O’Brady e Louis Rudd verso il polo sud nel 2018, intervistando i due sportivi.

When it’s blue sky and you’re on the polar plateau, you can feel so small. It’s just endless, and you’re like this tiny little speck. You can look 360 degrees, there’s nothing. There’s no tree, no building. You are the only tiny little thing out there in this endless sea of light. So that makes you feel small. But then when it’s whiteout, it’s the opposite: It’s super myopic, insular. All I can see is my compass a couple inches away from my nose, and the contrast of those two things is so stark, but what is ever-present is that you are just a product of your own thoughts, your own mind.

Immagine da Wikimedia.


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