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Sogni americani a rischio [EN]

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Donald Trump ha annunciato in settimana di voler cancellare il programma che assicurava il permesso di lavoro ai coniugi di lavoratori stranieri qualificati, tipicamente nel settore tech e IT, chiamati a lavorare in USA per carenze di risorse interne. Perlopiù sono mogli a loro volta in gran parte laureate:

Within weeks, Ms. Jalakam, who has a degree in biotechnology, landed a job as an analyst at an insurance company. The next year, she and her husband, Vinay Kumar, a software engineer, bought a house. In 2017, the finances of the Indian immigrant couple were secure enough that they decided to have a second child.

All that planning, though, is in jeopardy. Ms. Jalakam and thousands of other spouses of skilled workers have been told that their special work permits — authorization that can mean the difference between struggling and thriving in their adopted homeland — are likely to be revoked.

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