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Il Sud Africa rischia un caos simile allo Zimbabwe [EN]

Il Sud Africa rischia un caos simile allo Zimbabwe [EN]

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Un articolo della BBC parla delle conseguenze negative che il Sud Africa sta subendo a seguito dell’annuncio del presidente Cyril Ramaphosa su una controversa riforma della costituzione, per permettere esplicitamente l’esproprio di terreni senza compenso.

Markets reacted negatively and the currency, the rand, has continued to plummet over the last week.
This is because the plan has invited comparisons with the chaotic land reform programme across the Limpopo River in neighbouring Zimbabwe, which saw scenes of violent evictions of mainly white farmers.
But the move will be welcomed by those tired of waiting for reforms promised when white-minority rule ended in South Africa in 1994.
Nearly a quarter of a century on, the racial differences are still stark, nowhere more so than in the area of land ownership.
White people, who make up just 9% of the population, own 72% of the private land that is held by individuals, government figures show.

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