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Superare l’ansia per la matematica [EN]

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A cura di @NedCuttle21(Ulm).

Un articolo pubblicato nell’aprile del 2017 su Hechinger Report critica il metodo di insegnamento tradizionale della matematica e propone una serie di suggerimenti didattici affinché gli studenti possano superare l’ansia che sviluppano verso questa disciplina e che spesso incide negativamente sul profitto.

Unfortunately math continues to be taught in ways that are far removed from the research evidence on ways to teach well, and many ineffective classroom practices – timed tests, speed pressure, procedural teaching – are the reasons for the vast numbers of children and adults with math anxiety. They are also the reason that so many high-achieving students leave not only mathematics but the numerous STEM courses that require mathematics. Ashcraft and Krause (2007) found that math anxiety severely impacts student’s ability to enjoy math, motivation to take more math or do well in math. Widespread, prevalent among women and hugely damaging, math anxiety is prompted in the early years when timed tests are given in classrooms and it snowballs from there. Psychologists’ recommendations — including counseling and words to repeat before a test — severely miss the mark. The only way to turn our nation around is to change the way we teach and view math.

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