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Anche gli elettori “non bianchi” possono votare per il populismo di destra [EN]

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Murtaza Hussain su The Intercept parla di come, nonostante tutto, nel nordamerica le minoranze etniche non sono immuni al richiamo dei populismi di destra.

In 2020, the city of Toronto, one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world and a supposed bastion of liberalism, elected a man widely considered to be a racist as its mayor. Rob Ford was a vulgar and incoherent oaf, a former city councilor who clashed with his colleagues in public and went on racist tirades against seemingly every minority group. But when Ford successfully ran for office, it wasn’t on the wave of a white backlash against diversity, as one might have expected. Instead it was immigrants and minorities, the very people Ford was supposedly insulting, who helped power his run. Not only that, for all his unapologetic crudity — probably even because of it — they loved him.


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