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Annunci di lavoro troppo “femminili” per gli uomini [EN]

Annunci di lavoro troppo “femminili” per gli uomini [EN]

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A cura di @cris.

Claire Can Miller sul New York Times si interroga sul vocabolario usato negli annunci di lavoro, che in alcuni casi sembra scoraggiare la platea maschile dal proporsi per alcuni posti lavoro:

Job postings for home health aides say applicants need to be “sympathetic” and “caring,” “empathetic” and focused on “families.” It turns out that doesn’t lead very many men to apply.

One of the biggest economic riddles today is why out-of-work men aren’t pursuing the jobs that are growing the most, which are mainly in health care. A big reason is that these so-called pink-collar jobs are mostly done by women, and that turns off some men.



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