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Come la genetica rifrange il caso [EN]

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Su suggeirmento di @Fujiko Mine.

Brian Gallagher spiega in un articolo per Nautilus il rapporto tra i nostri geni, il caso e le nostre caratteristiche.

The geneticist Siddhartha Mukherjee has a metaphor for this: Our genes are lenses through which chance is refracted. Genetics “allows plenty of space for us to interact with environments and with random acts of fate and chance, and thereby, in a kaleidoscopic way, create different outcomes, different cells, different beings, different individuals,” he told Nautilus editor in chief Michael Segal. Take the natural experiment of twins reared in different environments, Mukherjee said. “Two exactly identical genomes superposed on small vagaries of chance and environment yield two very different individual beings.”

This disproves genetic determinism in a strict—but not in a loose—sense.

Immagine da pixabay.

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