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Come Woody Allen è stato infangato [EN]

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Bret Stephens in un editoriale sul New York Times, ricorda che è molto facile incorrere in un errore quando la storia si inserisce perfettamente nei tuoi bias: simpatia per la vittima, orrore per il crimine, disgusto per l’ambiente, ma oltre alle parole di chi accusa si deve tenere conto dei fatti.

Secondo Stephens, nei casi di Weinstein e Spacey (con diversa gravità) i fatti c’erano ma nel caso di Woody Allen oltre alla simpatia per Dylan Farrow e l’antipatia per un cinquantenne che si mette con una ragazza appena maggiorenne non c’è niente.

Nor have we learned anything else about Allen in the intervening years that might add to suspicions of guilt. He married Soon-Yi and has been with her ever since. Nobody else has come forward in 25 years with a fresh accusation of assault against him.
If Allen is in fact a pedophile, he appears to have acted on his evil fantasies exactly once. Compare that to Larry Nassar’s 265 identified victims.
It goes without saying that child molestation is a uniquely evil crime that merits the stiffest penalties. But accusing someone of being a molester without abundant evidence is also odious, particularly in an era in which social-media whispers can become the ruin of careers and even of lives.

We still live in a country that paints a bright line between accusation and fact. Smear the accused, smudge the line, and the truth will never out


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