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Empatia: genetica o appresa?

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Un articolo di Peter Sterling sul suo blog dello Scientific American parla dell’empatia. Sterling la fa risalire a a fattori genetici, mentre di solito si è propensi ad attribuirla alla socializzazione.

Certain aspects of the neurobiology are clear. When we share our own resources to help a neighbor, they receive, besides practical aid, a pulse of dopamine from a core neural circuit that rewards every unexpected positive event. This neurochemical pulse evokes a pulse of good feeling, a momentary relief from seeking. Critically, this same circuit also rewards the giver, thereby encouraging us to repeat that behavior in the iffy times to come. Living as we do now, this instinct to share has been little exercised. Multitudes in our cities have been lacking food and shelter, but they have been discounted as somehow undeserving. Otherwise, we would not have turned away for so long.

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