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Lewis H. Lapham riflette sull’evoluzione del commercio globale e sulla crescente debolezza della sua componente umana, rintracciandovi un legame con la diffusa disaffezione per il libero mercato e la globalizzazione.

Economists see the economic system, contrary to nature, set up to benefit the consumer of goods, not the producer of goods. Work is not an end in itself, not a direct source of satisfaction or self-worth. Work is something people dislike and do only to support their consumption.

“But what,” asks Blinder, “if economists have this wrong? What if people care as much (or more) about their role as producers—their jobs—as they do about the goods and services they consume?…If so, the standard case for free trade evaporates,” which would mean that “economists have been barking up the wrong tree for more than two centuries.”

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