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How the Brain Creates a Timeline of the Past

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Quanta Magazine pubblica un  articolo su uno studio volto a capire come il cervello umano sia in grado di ricostruire una linea temporale di eventi passati, ad esempio scoprendo il meccanismo attraverso il quale ad ogni memoria viene assegnata una datazione temporale:

Tsao and his colleagues were excited because, they posited, they had begun to tease out a mechanism behind subjective time in the brain, one that allowed memories to be distinctly tagged. “It shows how our perception of time is so elastic,” Shapiro said. “A second can last forever. Days can vanish. It’s this coding by parsing episodes that, to me, makes a very neat explanation for the way we see time. We’re processing things that happen in sequences, and what happens in those sequences can determine the subjective estimate for how much time passes.” The researchers now want to learn just how that happens.

Immagine di apertura di Martina Yach via Flickr.

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