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Come l’avvocato che ha vinto la grande causa contro Chevron ha perso tutto [EN]

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The Intercept racconta la storia di Steven Donziger, avvocato che vinse una causa miliardaria contro il colosso petrolifero Chevron in Ecuador e delle conseguenze che questo ha avuto sulla sua vita privata.

Last August, during the second-hottest year on record, while the fires in the Amazon rainforest were raging, the ice sheet in Greenland was melting, and Greta Thunberg was being greeted by adoring crowds across the U.S., something else happened that was of great relevance to the climate movement: An attorney who has been battling Chevron for more than a decade over environmental devastation in South America was put on house arrest.

…Donziger has been disbarred and his bank accounts have been frozen. He now has a lien on his apartment, faces exorbitant fines, and has been prohibited from earning money. As of August, a court has seized his passport and put him on house arrest. Chevron, which has a market capitalization of $228 billion, has the funds to continue targeting Donziger for as long as it chooses.

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