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La misoginia dei negazionisti climatici

La misoginia dei negazionisti climatici

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A cura di @NedCuttle21(Ulm).

Alcuni ricercatori della Chalmers University of Technology di Göteborg avrebbero scoperto una corrispondenza tra negazionismo climatico e misoginia. Ne parla un articolo pubblicato su The New Republic e tradotto da Francesco Foti per il blog di Giuseppe Civati.

Climate skeptic Bjørn Lomborg has built his global brand on keeping his cool. “Cool it,” his best-selling book told those worried about the warming planet. For some reason, however, he seems to have difficulty sticking to the blasé tone when it comes to a 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden.

Lomborg has repeatedly mocked and criticized Greta Thunberg, the prominent young activist who has been sailing across the Atlantic to attend the UN’s Youth Climate Summit and other meetings in the U.S. In June, he tweeted out a cartoon that implied Greta was only useful to climate activists because being young made her unassailable—in four years, it joked, she’d be replaced with someone younger still. Earlier in the year, he’d asked why the World Economic Forum was listening to her at all, and approvingly shared a Quillette article which called Thunberg a fanatic and “absolutist” and which argued adults had a duty to correct her childlike naiveté.



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