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Le conseguenze inattese degli scandali sulle molestie sessuali [EN]

Le conseguenze inattese degli scandali sulle molestie sessuali [EN]

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Un articolo sul New York Times parla delle precauzioni che gli uomini della Silicon Valley starebbero adottando per timore di nuovi scandali e di come queste influiscano negativamente sulle opportunità lavorative delle donne:

In Silicon Valley, some male investors have declined one-on-one meetings with women, or rescheduled them from restaurants to conference rooms. On Wall Street, certain senior men have tried to avoid closed-door meetings with junior women. And in TV news, some male executives have scrupulously minded their words in conversations with female talent.

In interviews, the men describe a heightened caution because of recent sexual harassment cases, and they worry that one accusation, or misunderstood comment, could end their careers. But their actions affect women’s careers, too — potentially depriving them of the kind of relationships that lead to promotions or investments.

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