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Secure. Contain. Protect.

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Un articolo di Bloody Disgusting parla della serie horror SCP Foundation, ripercorrendone le storia dalle origini a oggi ed evidenziando le particolarità stilistiche che ne hanno fatto la fortuna.

A peculiar object, being or even location is labeled with one of the iconic item numbers (which have gone way beyond the original thousand), followed by a general classification that usually describes the Foundation’s difficulty in containing said element. Then, we see a brief description of the item’s containment procedures and general characteristics with the occasional photograph or illustration.

These posts can be bite-sized encyclopedic entries that leave most of the horror up to the imagination, but oftentimes we’ll see longform masterpieces of epistolary fiction, taking full advantage of the format to tell mind-bending stories that sometimes span multiple entries. Browsing the website can be much like getting lost in a Wikipedia from hell, where each new article leads to a related one in an ever-expanding world of horrifying browser tabs, making this one of my favorite places to procrastinate on the internet.

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