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Stiglitz vs Summers: dibattito sulla stagnazione secolare [EN]

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Project Syndacate presenta le tesi degli economisti  Joseph Stiglitz e Lawrence Summers sulla stagnazione secolare.

In this BigPicture debate, Joseph E. Stiglitz argues that Summers’s theory has been invalidated by the effectiveness of today’s fiscal stimulus policies – and that the Obama administration should have doubled down on them when it had the chance.

Summers responds that Stiglitz has mistakenly framed his theory as a passive justification of the status quo, rather than as a call to arms for precisely the type of intervention Stiglitz himself advocates. Stiglitz counters that the shape and size of the intervention matters as much as the decision to go through with it, and hopes that the right lessons will have been heeded by the next downturn. And Summers offers his final thoughts on the matter, noting that the Obama-era stimulus package did indeed fall within the range Stiglitz had prescribed at the time.

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