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Stop westsplaining! – l’accusa della sinistra est-europea

Stop westsplaining! – l’accusa della sinistra est-europea

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Il partito più a sinistra attualmente presente nel parlamento polacco Lewica Razem, ha appena abbandonato l’Internazionale Progressista e DiEM25, in seguito all’atteggiamento ambiguo che queste avevano assunto di fronte all’invasione russa dell’Ucraina. In un articolo pubblicato sulla rivista anarchica inglese Freedom News, Zosia Brom espone i motivi del risentimento suo e di altre persone di sinistra dell’Europa orientale (Freedom News aveva già pubblicato articoli sul tema) verso i compagni occidentali.

Brom li accusa, con la parziale eccezione degli anarchici, di non riuscire a calarsi nei panni degli abitanti di paesi con una storia più tormentata, e di essere in realtà profondamente etnocentrici, nonostante il loro antirazzismo di facciata:

Partially because most of yous have a completely different experience of history, and it is that of living your life in a dominating country. Partially because you can’t be arsed to listen, and you never were. It is just simply inconvenient for you to give an idea that won’t fit to your already established view of the World a thought, and let’s face it, deep down most of you think that your ideas and your concepts are better, and more legit. Western exceptionalism is a worm in your brain, a worm you pretend to escape, only to parade your yankee, Queen of England ignorance around. You are better and more legit. You have better insights. You are used to being listened to. You not gonna use Google translate, because how come things are not in English, the terror!

In particolare, questo si vede nell’atteggiamento completamente diverso riguardo alla NATO:

We are not fans of it, and we can agree with you on many, many reasons to criticise it. But when you say “Fuck NATO” or “End NATO expansion”, what I hear is that you do not care about the safety and wellbeing of my Eastern European friends, family and comrades. You are happy to put my mum at risk for cheap political points you would not even be able to act on, you bastards!

When you talk about “expansion”, with everything this word implies, really, you are referring to this process in which Eastern Europe, for the reason of other countries making decisions over our heads in 1945, quite literally tip-toed around Russia petitioning it to allow us do what we wanted to do. (…)

Further, you talk about how you desire to stop “NATO expansion” but you don’t really mention what, exactly, would be a viable alternative to it. This is not acceptable at all, it just shows your privilege of growing up in a country where your life story was not littered with, how exciting, tantrums and aggressions of various scales of this great, unpredictable force that assumes it can throw its way anywhere where there is no NATO. So tell me, how exactly will you assure our safety? What is this NATO alternative you are advocating for? Have you considered asking us what we think of it? Or did you just decide, as you did many times in your history, and to many other countries you felt superior towards, that it will be you, and your leaders, who will be setting the cards on the table, and we just need to submit? Did you already take out your ruler to make straight lines on the map, except that this time it will be the map of the place where I grew up?

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