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Una nuova startup vuole reinventare le multiproprietà

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Il podcast The Indicator parla di una nuova startup, Pacaso, che ha deciso di rendere più accessibili le case vacanza, “reinventando” il concetto di multiproprietà. TechCrunch+ ne riporta una descrizione:

Pacaso, a less-than-one-year-old startup that is out to give more people a chance at second home ownership, announced Wednesday that it has received $75 million in growth funding at a $1 billion valuation.

Greycroft and Global Founders Capital co-led the $75 million in equity financing, which is notable for a few reasons.

For one, the team. Former Zillow executives Austin Allison and (CEO and co-founder) Spencer Rascoff came up with the concept of Pacaso after leaving Zillow together about 18 months ago. (Publicly traded Zillow today has a market cap of $32.9 billion.) The company gives people the ability to purchase shares in, and become co-owners of, a second home

Il vicinato però ha deciso di opporsi ai piani di Pacaso:

On the other side are the people in the neighborhoods where Pacaso has bought homes. They say the concept does not seem new, and is in fact just a dressed-up version of a timeshare. The neighbors want Pacaso out. At the heart of the disagreement is who should own a house and how they can use it.

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