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Booze, Blood and Noise: le violente radici del punk di Manchester [EN]

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La dettagliata storia del turbolento scenario degli anni settanta a Manchester, che diede vita a Joy Division, Morrisey e Buzzcocks.

Growing up working class in 1970s Manchester felt like living in a city that history had left behind. With constant labor strikes, weekly factory closings and ever-lengthening unemployment lines, the one-time Victorian boom town made rich by the mass production of textiles had come to resemble a disposable industrial appliance that someone had thrown out with the trash.

But something was about to happen[…] and it all began with a concert by a then-obscure London rock group on the 4th June, 1976 in an upstairs room of a classical music concert hall that was better known as the home of the world-famous Halle Orchestra.

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