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Le leggi europee sull’antitrust sono un favore alla Cina [EN]

Le leggi europee sull’antitrust sono un favore alla Cina [EN]

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Un articolo del Japan Times afferma che le leggi europee sull’antitrust costituiscano un ostacolo alla realizzazione di conglomerati europei in grado di competere con quelli cinesi e americani, rifacendosi al veto sulla fusione tra Alstom e Siemens.

“Do we want … the single market to become a supermarket for all the major powers, China and the United States?” thundered Bruno Le Maire on Monday. “Or do we want Europe to be powerful and sovereign?” demanded the French finance minister, who has led an impassioned campaign to defend the tie-up.
This view is echoed in Berlin, which has also lobbied — if less ardently — for the deal.
“We need more European champions to stand up to Chinese and American competition,” Peter Altmaier, Le Maire’s counterpart, told the German daily Handelsblatt on Friday.
But the road to building a juggernaut is blocked by a formidable obstacle: EU competition law and Margrethe Vestager, the steely commissioner whose job is to enforce it.

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