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Stati Uniti e disuguaglianze

Stati Uniti e disuguaglianze

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Un articolo pubblicato su Jacobin Magazine prova a far luce sulla distribuzione della ricchezza e sulla disuguaglianza razziale negli Stati Uniti.

If you take the net worth of all white households and divide it by the number of white households, you get $900,600. If you do the same thing for black households, you get $140,000. The difference between these figures — $770,600 — is the best representation of the overall racial wealth gap. That is how much more wealth black people would need per household to have as much wealth as white people have per household.

But overall statistics can be misleading. If you decompose both of these bars into deciles, what you find is that nearly all white wealth is owned by the top 10 percent of white households just as nearly all black wealth is owned by the top 10 percent of black households. The lower and middle deciles of each racial group own virtually none of their racial group’s wealth.


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