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Le donne non chiedono aumenti agli uomini, ma ad altre donne sì [EN]

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Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz e Nagore Iriberri illustrano su Aeon i risultati della loro ricerca sulle ragione del cosidetto gender pay gap:

Even when men and women both negotiate, their final outcomes can differ. Men tend to be more competitive and less prosocial, which allows them to get higher salaries than women through the negotiation process. But, in our recent research, we found that gender differences in negotiation are not so general but rather depend crucially on the gender composition of the bargaining table. Put simply, women negotiating their salaries ask for lower compensation when the firm’s representative is a man than when that representative is a woman. And, given that, most of the time, a firm’s bosses are men, this dynamic plays a role in salary outcomes.

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