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L’economia ai tempi della guerra russo-ucraina / 2 – 15 maggio

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Nei podcast di questa settimana si parla di nuovo dei problemi legati all’aumento del prezzo del cibo.

Ne parla su NPR il podcast The Indicator in un episodio dal titolo “The Rising tides of Global Food Prices”.

The war in Ukraine is worsening an already serious problem of rising global food prices. The loss of critical wheat production from Ukraine and Russia is spiking prices in the Middle East and East Africa, which rely heavily on importing their food.

Today, we talk to Asha Jaffar about how citizens in Nairobi are grappling with higher food prices. And we look at how other countries are responding to this global food supply shock.

NPR parla anche dell’aumento del prezzo di molti prodotti necessari per l’agricoltura nell’episodio “The price to grow food is soaring with inflation”:

Chile pepper and pecan farmers in New Mexico struggle as the price of fuel and fertilizer rise faster than what they can get for their crops. That could lead even more people to leave rural areas.

Di questo argomento parla anche il blog dell’IMF, in un post dal titolo “Africa faces new shock as war raises food and fuel costs”.

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